Welcome to the Lori photobank!

Lori, the Russian photobank, was established in 2006 and currently is one of the recognized leaders in the Russian stock image market. Our collection contains more than 28,200,000 images and more than 690,000 high-quality video clips. More than 780,000 works appear exclusively in our archive. Our collection generally available under Royalty-Free licenses, exclusive works are available under Rights Managed licenses.

Besides having the standard stock image and video subjects, the Lori photobank offers a unique collection of Russia-themed mediа: cities, villages, natural landscapes, and tourist sights of Russia and countries of the former USSR, the cuisines of various Russian peoples, travel, daily life. You can find example images from our collection in the “Gallery” section.

At the moment our main site is only available in Russian, but you can take a look by using automated translation. The website search function works with both Russian and English queries.

We're interested in working with new photographers, illustrators, and videographers from all over the world. If you'd like to sell your images on the Russian market, please get in touch.

We are likewise interested in introducing our collection outside of Russia. If you represent a photo agency, we would be happy to discuss opportunities for collaboration.